Updated: Long John Jamboree scrambles to beat weekend wind

Last modified: March 24, 2018 at 4:52pm

Long John Jamboree organizers now expect events to resume at 7pm on Saturday after most of the day’s events were wiped out by high winds.

In announcing the postponement of events on Twitter early on Saturday, the team running the Jamboree said “our tents are turning into kites.” Cabin Radio understands organizers are waiting for confirmation from the Jamboree’s supplier that the Brrr Garden tent is safe to operate in the current conditions.

Wind gusts touched 50 km/h in Yellowknife on Saturday and the temperature dropped to -30C with windchill.


Meanwhile, carvers at the De Beers Inspired Ice carving contest continued despite what mining company spokesperson Tom Ormsby termed “very difficult winter conditions.” Presentations were scheduled for the Brrr Garden at 6pm. Snowking’s Winter Festival, shielded from the elements to some degree by the snowcastle’s walls, went ahead with its Saturday events as planned.


The Cabin Winter Games’ Kid Curling event will be moved to Sunday, as will Saturday’s planned Simpsons Trivia contest.

As of 4:30pm on Saturday, organizers hoped events would resume at 7pm with the Brrr Garden as the only operational venue on-site for the remainder of the day. Work was under way to reschedule as many events as possible for the following day.