Canada Post scraps plan to move Yellowknife post office

Yellowknife’s downtown post office isn’t going anywhere. Canada Post has decided not to pursue an earlier plan to relocate it.

In April 2021, leaflets advertising a proposed relocation appeared at the post office and in Yellowknifers’ mailboxes. Canada Post said the post office would move “no more than 250 metres away” from its current location.

Asked why a move was being contemplated, Canada Post spokesperson Phil Legault said at the time that the existing location – 4910 Franklin Avenue – “no longer meets our retail and operation needs,” without expanding on what those needs were or which locations might be a better fit.


Even that move proved a bridge too far, according to a fresh set of leaflets recently sent to residents’ mailboxes.

“In April 2021, we posted a public notice outlining our intent to relocate this post office,” the new leaflets state.

“Based on feedback received from the community, the decision has been made for the Yellowknife Main post office to remain at this location.”

Yellowknife’s two satellite post offices, at Sutherland’s Drugs and Shoppers Drug Mart, were not affected.