We're building Cabin Radio


Thanks for visiting the Cabin!

We’re still building cabinradio.ca but once we launch, this will be the home of the next radio station for Yellowknife and the Northwest Territories.

While we get our studio ready and stock the green room with puppies and kittens, make sure you like us at facebook.com/cabinradio and follow us on Instagram for updates.


Interested in our advertising partnerships?

We’re excited to start partnering up with NWT businesses. Talk to AJ and Scott about ways we can work together by emailing sales@cabinradio.ca.


Want to be on the air / help out / hang out at the studio and look cool?

Email ollie@cabinradio.ca about our opportunities for volunteer hosts, producers and supporters.


Training and development for northern youth

We’re working to create training programs to help northern youth who want to explore careers in broadcasting, audio engineering and journalism.

For more information on our plans so far – or to get in touch if you’re a non-profit able to help make this happen – contact ollie@cabinradio.ca.