Municipal ballots begin arriving in Yellowknife

Last modified: October 7, 2022 at 12:05pm

By noon on Friday, at least some municipal ballot packages had begun landing in Yellowknife mailboxes with 10 days till the voting deadline.

Though no residents thronged the streets in spontaneous celebration at the development, and few if any street parties broke out, a couple of people did message Cabin Radio to state their ballots had arrived.

There might be more relief at City Hall, whose staff are trying a new approach for this year’s election – encouraging residents to vote by mail and cutting down on the number of polling stations on the day.


That approach has been jeopardized by the wait to receive ballots, which has concerned both residents and candidates. Only two full working days remain after Friday before Canada Post’s recommended deadline – the morning of Thursday, October 13 – to post your ballot and ensure the city receives it by October 17.

The municipality has said it will add an extra drop-box next week so that people can return ballots in person at either City Hall or the multiplex.

Some candidates have expressed a desire for more polling stations on October 17, but so far the city is sticking with two. They’ll run from 10am to 7pm at the Tree of Peace and multiplex gym.

“Ballots kits are anticipated to arrive in residents’ mailboxes before end of day Friday October 7,” a city spokesperson said by email on Thursday.

If yours arrives – or if it doesn’t – help us out by letting us know. Drop an email to us by clicking here if your ballot has arrived or here if it hasn’t, then just send the blank email that pops up (or add a message if you like).