GNWT puts more than 120 funding programs in ‘one-stop shop’

The GNWT has created an online directory of more than 120 funding programs to “make it easy for residents to find and apply for government funding.”

Launched on Monday, the directory provides an A-Z listing of funding opportunities alongside the ability to filter them by category or according to who is eligible to apply.

The directory is a response to past criticism that residents, businesses, non-profits and even other levels of government struggled to wrap their heads around the funding options available – and, occasionally, never knew supports existed that they could access.


“With this one-stop shop, residents can quickly and easily access information about all of our funding programs in one place,” Premier Caroline Cochrane said in a press release.

“This will make it simpler for residents, including those less comfortable with technology, to find and apply for the funding they need to succeed.”

The GNWT’s website previously had a funding page that was, in the territory’s words, “a static list of a limited number of GNWT funding opportunities.”

Responding to the announcement, the NWT branch of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business said on Twitter it was “pleased” by the new portal.

Rylund Johnson, the Yellowknife North MLA, tweeted: “This is great work. Go explore what funding you’re not getting.”