Someone just anonymously gave $2M for NWT kids’ mental health

The Stanton Hospital donor wall
A wall display acknowledges donors inside Yellowknife's Stanton Territorial Hospital. James O'Connor/Cabin Radio

An anonymous donor has provided $2 million to fund a three-year program improving the mental health of young children and youth in the Northwest Territories.

The Stanton Territorial Hospital Foundation announced the donation on Thursday.

The money will pay for psychiatric assessments through the Hospital for Sick Kids tele-psychiatry program, plus more youth psychiatry training for staff in the NWT.

“The program will focus on creating links between providers, patients, and the Sick Kids tele-psychiatry program; linking patients with after-care; and connecting youth to local resources,” the foundation said in a news release.



The program is due to begin this fall.

Sandra MacKenzie, chair of the foundation, said: “Bringing specialized youth psychiatric care into our communities … will truly change lives and futures.

“We are delighted we are providing a contribution that will make such a positive difference.”

Sue Cullen, chief executive of the territory’s health authority, thanked the “generous anonymous donor” for the funding and said it would result in “a new model of care.”

The health authority will now examine how to use the new tele-psychiatry services to “help improve the care and services we deliver to children and youth across the Northwest Territories.”