Łútsël K’é 19-year-old starts business selling muskox pizza

In Łútsël K’é? Make sure you try Cameron Enzoe’s muskox pizza.

The 19-year-old entrepreneur wanted to combine traditional food with something quick and easy to make, that he could easily sell to residents and visitors of the community.

“Łútsël K’é has all these traditional foods like dry meat and bannock and all these really interesting foods, but none of them are quick and easy to make,” he said.


“My family has developed a recipe for adding muskox to pizza and it’s had wonderful reviews in my community.”

He describes the pizza as being similar to a deluxe pizza, with red peppers, pepperoni, cheese, and muskox meat.

He tried a Hawaiian version, but the meat didn’t go well with pineapple. He also tried seasoning the muskox meat, but people in Łútsël K’é told him they prefer their muskox unseasoned.

Enzoe works at the local airport. When people arrive in the community, he said, he “always talks about his pizzas.”


“So it’s been really easy to publicize my pizza and that’s how I’ve been able to get so many reviews from people outside the community,” he explained. 

Right now, Enzoe passes his phone number to visitors and posts on the local community board when he’s willing to take orders. Typically, he’ll sell 15 to 30 pizzas over a weekend in the community of 300 people, then will spend entire evenings in the kitchen cooking.

He sells the pizzas for $40 plus $5 for delivery anywhere in Łútsël K’é.

“For those who think I should deliver elsewhere, I think it will be pretty cold by the time you get it,” he joked.

“My brother used to be in charge of driving around [to deliver pizzas] but he dropped a pizza flat on the ground – so I do most of the driving now.”

Enzoe plans to expand his currently unnamed business and sell pizzas through the Łútsël K’é Dene First Nation’s Frontier Lodge, across the river from the community.

“I’ve already pitched it to them and they want to do it. Due to Covid, right now it’s kind-of up in the air when I should start,” he said.

After that?

“I feel like this could be something a lot bigger – something that could go all over Canada.”