Inuvik fox positive for rabies after scrap with area dog

A fox in Inuvik has tested positive for rabies after “an altercation with a domestic dog,” the town said in a news release on Friday.

Residents are warned of “a potential risk of being exposed” if they or their pet are bitten, scratched or are otherwise in contact with foxes in the community.

“The dog’s owner acted responsibly, contacted the appropriate authorities, and complied with a quarantine order, which allowed us to safely manage the interaction and consequences,” the town said.


“If you have been bitten, licked, scratched or in contact with a fox, or by any dog who is behaving oddly after it was in contact with a fox, you should contact the Inuvik Regional Hospital and report the incident immediately and be assessed for your exposure.”

Rabies is almost invariably fatal in humans if allowed to develop untreated.

Animals with rabies can can appear fearful or aggressive and may exhibit excessive drooling and difficulty swallowing. They may stagger, walk backward, and appear to have paralysis and seizures.

Anyone seeing a dog showing signs of rabies, or with a dog that has suffered a fox attack, should report it to ENR immediately, the town said.