One hundred plush ptarmigans unleashed on Yellowknife trail

Easter Sunday in Yellowknife brings a new challenge: take the family and try to find a plush-toy ptarmigan on the city’s Frame Lake Trail.

Celebrating 10 years in business, design and production company Signed has produced 100 of owner Janet Pacey’s trademark Ptarmis. They will be hidden in bushes, trees and snowbanks around the trail, the company said in a news release.

“Families are invited to hit the trail at 9am on Sunday to find a Ptarmi for themselves,” the company stated. “To ensure we spread joy to as many families as possible, we ask that each family only take one Ptarmi home.”


Ptarmis will be dotted along the trail between the Co-op and Legislative Assembly. Signed wants families to share successful Ptarmi hunts on social media with the hashtag #greatptarmihunt.

Each of the birds is numbered – if it isn’t numbered, it’s probably real and you should put it back – and you can bring your number to Signed in exchange for a “free pair of Ptarmi-sized glasses.”

Signed's Janet Pacey is seen lying down
Signed’s Janet Pacey. Photo: Signed

Attempting to head off Easter Ptarmi rage, the company added: “This is just for fun. It’s a chance to get out with your family and enjoy the day. You may not find a Ptarmi, but you will make memories together.”

Pacey recently assumed sole ownership of Signed. She and what the company termed a “silent business partner” purchased the firm, then called Signs and Designs, on April 8, 2012.