City to run four curbside ‘debris pickup days’ in May

Yellowknife residents will be able to leave yard debris at the curbside for collection on four days in May as the city urges people to firesmart their homes.

Debris collection will operate on May 9, 16, 24 and 30. Residents need to fill out a form then bring their debris to the curb before 8am for free collection.

“Now is the perfect time to clean up your yard after the winter by removing dead standing trees, branches and deadfall, as well as removing debris from your gutters, on or under your deck, and around your home,” the city stated in a Wednesday news release.


Trees, branches and other yard waste should not be any longer than six feet and should be tied up, the city said.

Garbage and items that can be composted – like leaves or grass clippings – will not be collected.