NWT Parks announces fire ban for Beaufort Delta

Last modified: July 8, 2022 at 5:39pm


Effective immediately, the territorial government has announced a fire ban for all territorial parks in the Beaufort Delta Region.

The ban includes Gwich’in Territorial Park, Happy Valley Territorial Park, Jak Territorial Park and Nataiinlaii Territorial Park. While camp stoves and covered BBQs are permitted – provided they don’t give off a flame more than 0.5 metres in diameter and 0.5 metres in height – any open fires, including use of approved fire pits, are not allowed.


On July 4, fire bans were also announced for Yellowknife, including Fred Henne and the Yellowknife River Territorial Park, due to very dry conditions.

NWT’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) reports there are currently eight active fires in the Beaufort Delta.

To date, 4580 hectares have burned in the region.