Inuvik uses community art to cover vandalized building

Art tiles created by Inuvik residents are being used to beautify the aftermath of vandalism at the town’s recently opened welcome centre.

The building and an accompanying boardwalk, designed to offer services for tourists and a home for Inuvik’s Arctic Market, opened in mid-June but almost immediately suffered vandalism and break-ins.

Doors and windows were smashed, leading the town to install cameras and board up areas of broken glass.


The plywood covering some areas of the building now bears a mosaic of art created earlier this month as part of a project led by Inuvik artist Tracy Blyth.

Artwork produced to cover the aftermath of vandalism at Inuvik’s welcome centre. Dez Loreen/Town of Inuvik

Residents were asked to paint and decorate a series of animal icons.

“We are happy to celebrate and showcase the light, the creativity and the vibrancy of our residents, because we know that having pride in Inuvik and our community is shared by most,” said Jackie Challis, Inuvik’s director of economic development and tourism, who works in the new building.

“We don’t want the actions of a few to represent the otherwise welcoming hospitality of the majority.”

At a meeting of town councillors on Monday, RCMP said break-ins at the building “are being investigated by a senior member and these efforts are continuing.”


Challis said incidences of vandalism had died down since the installation of cameras.