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No sign yet of new parking meter app for Yellowknife

Parking meters in downtown Yellowknife on January 9, 2018
Parking meters in downtown Yellowknife. Ollie Williams/Cabin Radio

More than a month after Yellowknife’s parking meter app abruptly shut down, it’s not clear when a replacement service will begin.

At the start of June, the City of Yellowknife initially said around six weeks would be needed for a new app to be developed after its MacKay Pay app stopped working.

Wednesday this week marks the six-week point, but the city doesn’t yet have a date for the replacement app to become available.

By email, city spokesperson Sarah Sibley said the municipality had been “diligently working with its new parking meter app provider, Passport, to resume services for users as soon as possible,” but gave no timeframe for the Passport app’s introduction.



The city said MacKay Meters, the provider of MacKay Pay, had “suspended services to all clients, including the city” at the end of May.

MacKay Meters has not responded to requests for comment.

In the absence of a phone app with which to pay for parking, Yellowknifers have instead needed to rummage for long-forgotten loonies to fill the meters.

“The new app will have a similar interface and platform for users, and there are no price increases for parking,” Sibley wrote.

“The city thanks residents for their patience as we work to restore this service.”