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As it happened: Come back from September 6, Yellowknife and YKDFN say

A double rainbow over Yellowknife following the rain on August 20, 2023. Photo: Eric McNair-Landry


As an “extreme wind event” builds across the southern NWT, the City of Yellowknife published a return date for residents of Wednesday, September 6.

That date is subject to change, the city said in a joint announcement with the Yellowknives Dene First Nation but notably not the NWT government.

Meanwhile, fire crews in Hay River and Fort Smith say they are steeled for extreme fire behaviour over the next 48 hours, with wind gusts of 60 km/h or more expected in places.

The wind is also expected to pick up around Yellowknife, though two of the most threatening fires in the vicinity are no longer listed as out of control. The main issue for Yellowknife is the effect of wind, fire and smoke on Highway 1, a vital corridor back to the city that is set to close for the weekend, delaying the anticipated return of residents.



Mayor Rebecca Alty said earlier this week the city had been on the cusp of announcing a return date when the decision was taken to pause the repatriation of essential workers because of the forecast highway conditions.

Instead, City Hall published a return date early on Friday evening.

On this page, we brought you live updates throughout the day as the NWT’s wildfire crisis evolved.

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Updates appeared below, latest first. All times are MT. Live coverage has concluded 

Live text reporters: Emily Blake and Ollie Williams in Fort Simpson. 
Thanks to Lady Slipper Lodge for hosting our Fort Simpson team!

20:23 – OK one last update, this just in from the Town of Hay River: “It appears to have been a good day today controlling the fire growth under very challenging fire conditions.”

Awesome. More of that please. Night!

20:18 – This is Ollie closing down the live feed for tonight, not least because there’s only so much longer Pandaville stays open. (A man’s gotta eat.) I also want to do some prep for tomorrow, which will be a big day of getting answers.



Thanks for reading today. If you feel like you just got tossed in a fresh pit of uncertainty, remember that four days’ notice heading back is a heck of a lot more than we got heading out. For what that’s worth.

For Hay River and Fort Smith residents watching the fire situation, the evening NWT Fire updates will appear in our wildfire latest page the moment we get them.

Still to come tonight, a transcript of an interview with the mayor about today’s decision. That’ll be on our homepage. Here’s the main report on the September 6 news. Goodnight!

20:07 – The Indian Cabins Trading Post said earlier it was evacuating and the sprinklers are on. We’ll keep an eye on that situation (and of course, we hope everyone there and their property stays safe).

Indian Cabins is a useful gas stop on the way back north so obviously, should there be any lasting concern there after tonight, we will track that and get you answers that help your journey home.

20:04 – It is not massively easy to find but there is a PDF from the city and YKDFN with some information about the return home. It is not up there with the Bible and Ken Dryden’s The Game among the greatest written works of humankind but it’s a start.

20:02 – What kind of health services should you epxect when you get back? Emily has this list.

19:39 – OK, I’m back – use this link to rewatch the live show, summing up all the information we have so far (which is not a huge amount but it’s a start). Remember: the GNWT news conference at 4pm tomorrow is going to have a lot more information and is must-see television at this point.



18:59 – Here goes. Apologies that this live show is only on Facebook, it’s the best I can do as an evacuee myself. I’ll be back here after with anything else we learn that’s helpful.

18:49 – Reminder that I’m going live over here in 10 minutes. I don’t pretend to have buckets of answers for you but I will run through what I do have, as coherently as I can.

18:40 – There are more than 10,000 registered evacuees in Edmonton and Calgary alone, to give you a sense of how many people will be on the move.

18:38 – Just to dwell on one line from the GNWT’s press release: “We recognize and thank the Government of Alberta, hosting communities and the people of Alberta for their incredible support during this evacuation. We acknowledge that today’s announcement and this timing might strain their resources.”

I don’t think you need to be an expert in government communications to understand the inference, there, that the GNWT wishes the timing had been different. I understand there had been concerns that Yellowknife announcing today would leave Alberta scrambling to finalize plans for how to support people who take longer to come back, for example, and estimate how evacuee numbers in Alberta communities will change over time.

18:35 – Word from the ground in Hay River via NWT Fire is optimistic so far, by the way. It is early and there is a long way to go, but today up till now sounds like it went about as well as possible.

18:24 – Amid all of this, there will be Hay River and Fort Smith residents rolling their eyes that even with an “extreme wind event” strengthening fires outside their homes, Yellowknife somehow still gets headlines. I am on it – I’m expecting NWT Fire to issue a full Hay River update at around 8pm or a little later. Hay River looks more active than Fort Smith right now from everything I can see.

18:20 – The GNWT will hold a press conference at 4pm on Saturday.



The territory says that will feature:

  • how to plan to travel home safely;
  • the level of GNWT services, including health services, that will be available;
  • risks and other considerations that residents will want to evaluate when deciding when to return home;
  • the process to register for flights home for those that require them;
  • the supports that will remain available in Alberta to NWT residents who can’t return home yet because of health concerns; and
  • the limited services available in Yellowknife.

18:17 – The GNWT just issued this statement, attributed to Minister Shane Thompson:

“The GNWT is looking forward to welcoming residents home and is working to ensure that a basic level of service and support is available for residents when they arrive.

“We ask residents to stay where they are until the evacuation order is lifted on Wednesday. This will help make re-entry safer and more organized. Please do not travel back toward the NWT-Alberta border until Wednesday, September 6. No supports are available in northern Alberta for residents considering moving north to wait for the order to be lifted.

“We recognize and thank the Government of Alberta, hosting communities and the people of Alberta for their incredible support during this evacuation. We acknowledge that today’s announcement and this timing might strain their resources, especially as Yellowknifers and residents of Dettah and Ndılǫ drive through northern Alberta.”

18:11 – We’ll do an emergency Facebook live at 7pm to answer as many questions as we can.

18:09 – If you’re a Yellowknife resident: how do you feel about this evening’s announcement? Let me know by email (if you’re happy to have your views published).

18:04 – What does noon on Wednesday actually mean? Where can you be at noon on Wednesday? I asked the mayor, who said (sounding a little uncertain about it, I have to say): “That’s the first that you will be able to cross, I guess, the roadblock at Behchokǫ̀.”



17:59 – Full transcript shortly but highlights of an interview with Mayor Rebecca Alty just now:

  • 5pm release on Friday because that’s the earliest it all came together.
  • Date decided in consultation with Department of Environment and Climate Change, highway threat will be the challenge in sticking to it.
  • Acknowledges GNWT did push back on city releasing a date today.
  • “It’s never going to be perfect. I think the important thing to stress to residents is it will be basic, basic services.”
  • GNWT “still involved in the planning process.”
  • After 12pm Wednesday, “when folks want to come, they’re welcome to come.” Not anticipating “as big of a traffic jam.” Bring 72 hours of non-perishable food.
  • Regarding flights, gas, other logistics that have yet to be communicated and are a GNWT responsibility: “Between now and Wednesday, the process for the general public will be communicated to folks, and folks will be able to register for flights. I have faith in the process.”

17:52 – Just off the phone with the mayor, stand by.

17:31 – Here’s the full re-entry plan set out by the city and YKDFN (and again, very conspicuously not involving any GNWT branding).

17:28 – Meanwhile, there’s a severe thunderstorm watch for Fort Providence, Kakisa, Jean Marie River and Fort Simpson.

17:26 – From Mayor Rebecca Alty:

“I know everybody wants to come home as quick as possible, but please do not relocate to northern Alberta in advance of September 6. Communities in northern Alberta are currently at capacity and are unable to provide additional services at this time.

“For those residents returning by air, the GNWT will have more information on flights shortly. Please be patient, and stay tuned.”

Alty stressed that the date could change because of weather or wildfire risk to Highway 1.



17:18 – This successfully resolves about three hours of “did I go a bit early with that headline about a return date coming up” panic. #journalistproblems

17:10 – Here’s our first take on the Yellowknife return date of Wednesday, September 6. More follows.


17:03 – Not to discourage anyone, but the continuing word from people associated with the city and GNWT (and some other agencies) is that there is a disagreement over when and how to announce this return date, and that disagreement – after the city’s earlier adamant position that today was announcement day – is rolling into the evening.

16:47 – A few people have asked about press conferences. There was none scheduled today by the GNWT. The next that we’re aware of is Monday, which I assume will be at 4pm but I’m not certain of that. It is feasible that one could be scheduled for the weekend.

16:25 – The City of Edmonton says it has now registered more than 7,300 evacuees and around 1,000 pets.

Edmonton is telling everyone to go to NWT Fest on Sunday, and also adds: “The Canadian National Pickleball League Western Split takes place at the Edmonton Expo Centre on September 2 and 3. Registered wildfire evacuees with wristbands will receive free admission.”

(Pickleball is inserting itself into everything these days.)



16:22 – This also has “tired journalists realize they’ll be working all the way through the holiday weekend” written all over it. (And I know the same applies to people working on evacuation planning, getting services up and running, fighting fires, caring for evacuees… a whole whack of people are going to be putting the “labour” in Labour Day Weekend, and we salute you all.)

16:17 – It’s all… a lot, really, isn’t it.

16:06 – Satellite hotspot tracking over Hay River and Fort Smith looks relatively clear so far, with significant fire activity well west of Hay River but not in the vicinity of the community. (Always remember that satellite maps are not the final word on this, but they can help provide a sense of what’s happening.)

Also worth noting that the hotspots far to the west of Hay River look quite close to Highway 1, which we know for sure is closing at 7pm but could well do so earlier if conditions deteriorate.

16:04 – From Megan: A benefit concert for NWT evacuees is being held at the Borden Park Bandshell in Edmonton this Sunday. Here’s what to expect (if you’re an evacuee, it’s free).

15:54 – All quiet at City Hall. Just the delicate sound of a bored mosquito alighting on a crumpled-up piece of paper titled “Stage 3.”

15:43 – From Sarah: The GNWT has changed the criteria for its evacuee income disruption support program. Now, all adults whose employment income decreased as a result of the evacuation orders can apply. Previously, if your employer tried to financially help you even a bit, you couldn’t claim the government payment. (A press release also just went out about this.)

15:17 – The GNWT’s region-wide fire bans have been extended for all public and private lands in both the North Slave and the South Slave regions.



(I know, I know, your heart was really set on a campfire outside Hay River tonight.)

15:05 – This footage is just in from NWT Fire, showing the air attack that’s ongoing against the Hay River fire while visibility allows today.

Footage: Mike Westwick/NWT Fire

14:57 – From Sarah: School in evacuated communities won’t start for at least a week after it’s safe for everyone to return home, the NWT’s education department said. Yellowknife school districts said they don’t expect to be ready by September 11.

14:30 – From various sources, it sounds like the behind-the-scenes discussions today about the city opting to speed up announcing a return date would keep @yellowknifememes going for a month.

Needless to say, the actual information (if any), when forthcoming (if at all), will appear here.

14:24 – Latest fire conditions around Yellowknife, via NWT Fire:

“An extreme wind event is already beginning to unfold this morning and is expected to continue into Saturday. Winds will be gusting up to 50 km/h this afternoon and growing more intense into the evening. We’ll get a bit of a break around midnight, but not much: wind will reduce to around 30-35 km/h before picking back up to 55 km/h Saturday morning.

“There’s a chance of scattered showers overnight, but they could also include a thundershower which could bring lightning into the area.



“Temperatures are inching closer to seasonal average, expecting to reach around 19C today, and dropping to 16C on Saturday. Despite slightly cooler temperatures, the high winds are expected to increase fire activity and put pressure on our crews and defences.”

14:22 – (There’s never a moment’s peace.)

14:13 – In short: if you live in Yellowknife, watch this space for return updates. If you live in the South Slave, watch this space for fire updates.

14:11 – The city has not yet made an announcement or even scheduled one, but I’ve now heard from a range of officials in multiple levels of government who say the city made clear, at a meeting earlier on Friday, that residents can wait no longer and must be given a firm date.

14:09 – Thanks Emily, this is Ollie taking over. We’ve rewritten the top of this story to reflect that we anticipate an announcement from the City of Yellowknife this afternoon regarding a return date for residents.

13:53 – Now handing the live over to Ollie.

13:52 – The Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Authority is advising Yellowknife residents to expect limited services when they are initially allowed to return home as the health and social services system works to ramp-up services.

Services expected to be available upon re-entry include:



Stanton Territorial Hospital:

  • Routine emergency department services
  • In-patient acute care at reduced capacity (currently planning for 10 general inpatient beds).
  • Emergency surgical services (life-threatening)
  • Emergency obstetrics for unexpected obstetrical care needs (to be managed in the emergency department in the first phase of resumption)
  • Support services including lab, diagnostic imaging, medical device reprocessing, and materials management, and certain facility services

Community services:

  • Primary care may only be open for limited walk-in appointments
  • Mental health will provide virtual services and limited in-person services
  • Public health will be closed but begin scheduling urgent and missed appointments,
  • Child and family services will provide logistical and support for clients’ re-entry (i.e. Foster families, and NGO’s) as well as emergency child protection service
  • Home care services will be reduced.  Staff will be contacting existing clients to discuss what services they can be offered
  • Shelter services will be available as of the date of general public re-entry

Yellowknife Mayor Rebecca Alty said during last night’s press conference that health care and other critical services, like grocery stores, “won’t be fully staffed or back to 100 percent” before the city begins Phase 5 of its re-entry plan, aka when the general public is allowed to return home. She said “that would take too long” and urged residents to be patient once they return to the city.

Phase 3 of the city’s plan, the return of essential workers to Yellowknife to re-start core services, was put on pause earlier this week due to wildfire risks to highways. Some health care staff are still being flown in to Yellowknife.

13:33 – Fort Smith Protective Services is advising residents of what to expect once they are allowed to return home (the date for which has not yet been confirmed):

  • Your gas cans and propane tanks may have been moved to the curb
  • Some homes may have coloured ribbons showing the triage of risk based on FireSmart assessments
  • Some areas may have grass, leaves, branches, pallets and lumber piled away from structures
  • Some structures may still have sprinklers in place
  • Tree removal from Fox Holes road through Thebacha, Bell Rock, Tamarack, West of the W’s, water plant, frog ponds south, College HEO training grounds, and dozer guards in the forests
  • There may still be smoke and fire activity in the area
  • Services may continue to be reduced

“Re-entry planning is underway and the town is prepared for the moment we are safe to begin bringing essential services back,” states a Facebook post. “We aren’t there yet but we are getting much closer and weather is going to start turning in our favor in the days ahead!”

Today, Parks Canada says a red flag warning is in place meaning incoming weather could rapidly increase fire behaviour. It says members of the public not to return to or visit evacuated communities as firefighters and heavy equipment require extra room and need to focus on fire suppression.

13:21 – A fire ban within the Village of Fort Simpson has been lifted due to recent rainfall and improved fire conditions in the area. The village is urging residents to exercise caution and follow responsible fire practices.



13:18 – A special dinner for Tłı̨chǫ evacuees from Yellowknife, Ndılǫ and Dettah is set to take place at 6pm tonight at the Westin Calgary Airport hotel.

13:13 – In a letter to families and staff, Yellowknife and area schools say schools will not be ready to open on September 11.

They say while Alberta will allow NWT students to temporarily register for school, families are not required to register their child elsewhere during the evacuation from Yellowknife, Ndılǫ and Dettah.

“When we can return and have our staff in place, we will be better positioned to provide you with additional detail regarding any decisions that may need to be discussed to address the time we have been required to be away from our community,” the letter states.

12:32 – For evacuees who are able to make it out to Wetaskiwin, Alberta, and are interested in auto racing, the Edmonton International Raceway is offering complimentary tickets this weekend.

12:23 – Here’s the latest update on the Wood Buffalo Complex:

It remains at an estimated 472,205 hectares burned and is out of control.

Today temperatures are expected to reach 26C with relative humidity of 25 percent and winds from the southwest 20 km/h gusting up to 55 km/h. For Saturday, the forecasted high is 19C, relative humidity of 45 percent and winds from the west 15-20km/h gusting up to 50km/h. There is a small chance two to four milimetres of rain could fall over the weekend.

Heavy smoke yesterday again created a dome over the fire, keeping temperatures lower and relative humidity higher.

Today a red flag warning is in place meaning incoming weather could rapidly increase fire behaviour. This morning the Fort Smith area was covered in a layer of fog and smoke but visibility is improving.

Crews are expected to continue extinguishment work along containment lines as it is safe to do so while helicopters will assist with bucketing as visibility permits.

Officials are reminding members of the public not to return to or visit evacuated communities as firefighters and heavy equipment require extra room and need to focus on fire suppression. The few amenities that remain in Fort Smith are focused on serving first responders.

11:53 – Here’s what we just heard from the Red Cross about hotel room extensions:

“For those who registered at the Expo Centre and are staying in Edmonton, the Canadian Red Cross is in the process of contacting people to advise them that their hotel reservations have been extended for an additional week as approved by the GNWT and City of Edmonton.

People who have been evacuated from the NWT and are currently in hotel rooms in other areas of the province should contact their local authorities or the GNWT at 1 (844) 259-1793 to ask questions about hotel extensions.”

From Ollie: That’s the extent of the advice we have been given from the Red Cross, so the only recommendation we can really give is to sit tight and await that call.

11:43 – From Ollie: The conglomerate that owns FM frequencies in Yellowknife and Hay River says it is launching a fund for evacuees in partnership with the Salvation Army.

11:26 – During last night’s press conference, officials were asked how likely it is that residents won’t be allowed to return to Hay River before the snow falls. NWT Fire wildfire information officer Mike Westwick committed to getting people back home well before then.

11:23 – “I’m going to have to take a long hard look at if I can even reopen my business.” We heard from small businesses that are struggling under evacuation orders who say the current supports being offered are inadequate.

11:20 – Chief Edward Sangris said many Yellowknives Dene First Nation evacuees are in a “dire situation.” He wants them to be able to return home as soon as possible.

11:18 – We’ve published a few stories this morning in case you’ve missed them.

11:07 – If you’re registered as an evacuee in Whitecourt, Alberta, you can pick up fuel and grocery cards (one each per family) at the evacuation centre today and/or Tuesday, September 5.

11:01 – Have questions about schools being impacted by evacuation orders? The Department of Education, Culture and Employment has published a Q&A page with information including mental health supports, who to contact about temporarily enrolling children in school in Alberta, and more.

10:56 –Highway 1 is currently ‘open for essential travel” but will close from the Alberta border to the Kakisa access road at 7pm today, the GNWT just said.

10:50 – The latest update from NWT Fire on the Hay River/Kátł’odeeche/Kakisa fire:

Firefighting efforts are focusing on preparations for the severe wind event forecast to begin tomorrow.

Airtankers and helicopters are flying this morning and will hit targets throughout the day as visibility allows. Structural firefighters have a “strong plan to push back against fire should it encroach on the town.”

Sprinklers are running this morning and throughout the day as necessary while fuel breaks to the west of town have been reinforced with fire retardant.

Firefighters are patrolling in task forces through the Hay River Corridor including the West Channel, Vale Island, West Point First Nation and Riverwoods Estates. There are also firefighters in Kátł’odeeche First Nation to address the potential for spot fires.

Since last night’s update there has been no significant progression of the fire toward key landmarks. NWT Fire warns with expected conditions in the coming days, the fire could travel up to 20 kilometres east along Highway 5 toward the Highway 6 junction and there’s a potential for spot fires.

Kakisa is not at immediate threat.

10:37 – Was your camping trip at an NWT Park affected by evacuation orders? NWT Parks says it is working to process refunds as quickly as possible. It is encouraging reservation holders to hold onto their reservations for now so it can provide a full refund for reservations affected by wildfire evacuations?

10:09 – Have questions about the NWT’s evacuation travel support program? The GNWT has created a Q&A page addressing questions such as who is eligible for the $750 or $400 being offered to evacuees who left by road, what’s the deal with that checkbox about other financial assistance on the application form, how to submit a void cheque, and the GNWT’s decision to consider Fort Smith’s evacuation to Hay River then Alberta as a single event.

9:47 – We’ve heard from some worried evacuees in Edmonton who say their hotel stays are ending today and they haven’t yet gotten an extension. We’re working to get some answers.

Yellowknife City Councillor Garett Cochrane says he spoke with the Red Cross who said people should hear from them today about an extension until September 9. If you do not hear from the Red Cross today, he recommends not checking out and heading to the EXPO Centre for help.

9:39 – If you’re looking for a distraction, Buzzfeed has a quiz to find out which Barbie you are from the Barbie movie.

I got Mermaid Barbie!

9:23 – For evacuees in Calgary, the Ahmadiyya Muslim community is hosting a BBQ on Sunday. If you plan on attending you can sign up here, and indicate if you need help with transportation.

9:18 – For NWT evacuees in Red Deer, the city says it has new restaurant and hotel vouchers available at the Dawe Reception Centre for those needing to extend their stay.

“Hang in there, we got you!”

8:59 – This morning’s sunrise over the Dehcho in Fort Simpson.

8:56 – The word from Hay River just now via Mike Westwick: “We have the visibility this morning to hit this fire in Hay River hard from the air, and we’re going to do so aggressively so long as visibility allows.” (Sound of Ewoks cheering from the ground.)

8:49 – Need some help with gas? Makerspace YK says it has received $20,000 from United Way NWT and with the support of Northern Mosaic Network it will be destributing $100 gas cards to NWT evacuees.

Those in need are asked to fill out an application before midnight on Sunday. As there are limited funds, Makerspace says it may not be able to send gift cards to all applicants.

It is asking those who apply to be patient, as the effort is being run by a small team of volunteers.

8:21 – RCMP have released their latest overnight report.

Police received one call for service in Yellowknife that was non-criminal in nature. RCMP says there were no confirmed reports of break and enters and officers continue to patrol the city, Ndilǫ, Dettah and the Ingraham Trail.

In Fort Smith RCMP say heavy smoke prevented patrols by aircraft. Conditions will be evaluated throughout the day to see if a flight is possible while a permanent return of officers to the town will be re-evaluated following this weekend.



There were no calls for service in Hay River. Officers continue to patrol the town and Kátł’odeeche First Nation. Their continued presence in the community will be assessed in light of the weather forecast for this weekend.

8:07 – From today’s live morning show NWT Fire’s Mike Westwick says the forecast is still for pretty significant wind events in Hay River, Fort Smith and Yellowknife. He says teams have been doing a lot of work to protect communities from these conditions.

We’ll be providing updates on the wildfire situation across the territory here.

8:00 – This morning’s live show is about to begin. Tune in on Facebook to hear NWT Fire’s Mike Westwick and Jay Boast with the Department of Municipal and Community Affairs answer questions about wildfires and the plan to bring people home.

I’ll be joining later for a pop culture quiz with a chilly theme.

7:57 – For folks in Edmonton a benefit concert called NWT Fest is set to take place in Borden Park on Sunday. NWT residents can attend free of charge.

The event is set to begin at 2pm. The musical lineup features State of the Art, Dylan Farrell, Leela Gilday, Ian Rossiter and the Hot Club of Zama, Usual Suspects and Celeigh Cardinal.

7:28 – We heard a lot about the NWT government’s disaster assistance policy yesterday afternoon. What is disaster assistance, and when should you make a claim for wildfire damage? Here’s a quick guide.



7:18 – Dene National Chief Gerald Antoine is calling for a coordinated response between the GNWT, Canadian Red Cross, municipal governments, host jurisdictions and the Akaitcho, Tłı̨chǫ, Dehcho, Sahtu, Gwich’in, Métis and Inuvialuit leaders to address challenges with the return of evacuated NWT residents.

“The process of the evacuation of residents from Denendeh have been likened to the forceful removal and displacement of Indigenous persons since contact with colonizers,” Chief Antoione was quoted as saying. “Many have been herded like livestock without communication, and information. Some have been without basics like food, and safe shelter and are under great financial stress. Many with health and wellness issues have also not been supported resulting in persons being further displaced and missing.”

He said there is a need for transparent, clear processes for communities and regional governments and agencies to have a coordinated list of everyone who is displaced, where they are, and a detailed plan of how they will be returned home.

7:03 – NWT Fire’s Mike Westwick and the GNWT’s Jay Boast will be on our live video morning show from 8am. If you have questions about the plan to bring people home safely or the wildfire situation today, let Ollie know by email and we’ll see what answers we can get.

7:02 – Starting off the morning with some good news, NWT Fire says the Jean Marie River wildfire, fire FS028, is now under control. Crews continued working on the perimeter on Thursday.