Check results from the NWT’s Monday elections

Last modified: October 19, 2021 at 7:13am

Results are in from Hay River, Norman Wells, Inuvik, Fort Smith, and Fort Simpson after the communities voted in municipal and education authority elections on Monday.

Elections for council took place in five communities and a mayoral election was held in Fort Smith, where Fred Daniels succeeded Lynn Napier as mayor. In the other communities, mayors were acclaimed after only one candidate ran.

Inuvik’s new councillors are Donovan Arey, Tony Devlin, Jesse Harder, Grant Gowans, Natasha Kulikowski, Alana Mero, Alfred Moses, and Kurt Wainman.


Mero and Wainman were incumbents seeking re-election. Kulikowski stepped down from the role of mayor but retains a council seat. Ruth Elanik, Jillian Fitzpatrick, and Dez Loreen were not elected after a recount separated Arey from Loreen by three votes.

Hay River kept all six of the incumbent councillors who stood for re-election according to results shared by the town to Facebook.

Provisionally elected are Robert Bouchard (re-elected), Emily Chambers (re-elected), Keith Dohey (re-elected), Linda Duford (re-elected), Jeff Groenewegen (re-elected), Peter Magill, Karen Wall, and Brian Willows (re-elected). Kim Brockway and Keanan Kipling were not elected.

In Fort Simpson, five fresh faces were elected as deputy mayor Celine Antoine and councillor Randy Sibbeston failed to retain their seats.

Results posted to the village’s Facebook page show the eight provisionally elected councillors are Troy Bellefontaine (re-elected), Cynthia Browning, Kyle Christiansen, Rosemary Gill, Muaz Hassan (re-elected), Liza McPherson (re-elected), James Tsetso, and Les Wright.


Norman Wells elected six councillors according to results posted on its website: Pascal Audet, Alexis Peachey, Kacee Hunter, Kelly McCoy, Trevor Smith, and David Wever. Of those, returning incumbents are Peachey ( who was the deputy mayor), Audet, Smith, and Wever.

Not elected were Chris Chivers, Dorathy Wright, Carol Lorentz, and Tim Melnyk.

Fort Smith voted for Ann Pischinger, Jay MacDonald, Dana Fergusson, Kevin Heron, Leonard Tuckey, Kevin Campbell, Louise Beaulieu, and Dianna Korol as the town’s new councillors. Outgoing mayor Napier and deputy mayor Kevin Smith lost bids for council seats.

Turnout was given as 68 percent in Norman Wells, 29 percent in Hay River, and 28 percent in Fort Simpson. No turnout figure was given in Inuvik or Fort Smith.


School board trustee elections took place in Yellowknife, as did district education authority elections in the other communities. Francophone school board trustees had already been acclaimed.

Final results confirm the new Yellowknife Catholic Schools trustees are Ainsley Dempsey, Christine Lewandowski, Tina Schauerte, Steven Voytilla, Susan Waddell, Melanie Williams, and Andy Young, with John Dalton missing out.

A recount of YK1 school board votes took place late on Monday, confirming the election of Al McDonald and Carla Kinakin at the expense of Trevor Sinclair. The recount showed five votes separated the three candidates.

Also elected to YK1’s board were Doreen Cleary, Tina Drew, David Wasylciw, Terry Brookes, and Diana Neill.

YK1 and Yellowknife Catholic Schools each had four outgoing trustees who did not seek re-election. For YK1 these were John Stephenson, Jay Butler, Satish Garikaparthi, and Rajiv Rawat. For Yellowknife Catholic Schools they were Erin Currie, Revi Lau-a, Lori MacMillan Gallant, and Candace Meadus.

Sarah Pruys and Sarah Sibley contributed reporting.