Hungry Wolf restaurant reports another break-in, theft

Hungry Wolf restaurant in downtown Yellowknife has been broken into once again, making it the second time within 24-hours the establishment has had glass shattered and items stolen.

Reg Drummond, the owner of the establishment, said it was broken into around 1:45am Wednesday morning. This time, he said, 10 bottles of alcohol were taken and glass windows on doors were smashed again.

The restaurant previously reported a break-in and theft on Tuesday, with four bottles of alcohol missing and the ATM in the lobby being broken. Drummond said approximately $1,200 was needed to replace the doors that had windows smashed.


Drummond said an outside door that had been broken on Tuesday had plywood placed over it for the night. On Wednesday morning, he said thieves broke the other door leading into the foyer Hungry Wolf shares with ReLeaf NT and entered the restaurant.

“My lovely night was being down there because both doors were wide open, so I couldn’t leave all night,” Drummond said.

“I don’t know what to do or what to say. It’s two nights in a row, it wasn’t even 20 hours.”

Drummond said the restaurant is aiming to open to customers on Wednesday, although the windows need to be repaired in the morning.

“It’s discouraging and depressing,” he said. “You’re trying so hard to keep everything going and then somebody else comes along and tries to break all the stuff that you’re getting.”


Drummond said he thinks police officers are arriving quickly to the scene after alarms go off at his business, and are missing the culprits by just mere minutes.

“They get there as fast as they can, but you can only do so much to protect yourself,” he said.

“Maybe they have to patrol that area a little bit more.”

Cabin Radio has reached out to the RCMP for more information.

The two incidents at the restaurant come just two weeks after suspected thieves broke into ReLeaf NT on February 1. Police said at the time that “miscellaneous items” were suspected to have been taken from the business.

Hungry Wolf wasn’t broken into in that case, but it did remain closed for the day to replace doors and clean up shattered glass.

Police have also warned residents about an increase in vehicle break-ins in Yellowknife. Since January 1, police said at least 15 incidents have been reported in the city, mainly in the downtown area between 47 Street and School Draw Avenue.

After Tuesday’s break-in and theft at Hungry Wolf, police said an investigation was ongoing and anyone with information on the incident is asked to call the Yellowknife detachment at (867) 669-1111 or to contact Crime Stoppers.