Yellowknife resident at last claims $50,000 lotto win

When Candace McQuatt won $50,000 on a Western 649 ticket, she planned to claim the prize in person in Edmonton. She ended up waiting almost a year.

In a Tuesday news release, the Western Canada Lottery Corporation announced McQuatt had won $50,000 in the May 22, 2021 draw. However, her prize arrived only last month.

McQuatt, trying to wait out the Covid-19 pandemic before travelling to Edmonton, eventually gave up and submitted her claim by mail instead, the corporation said.


Now that the money has arrived, McQuatt told the corporation the prize “comes at a good time.” Some of the cash will go toward bills, the corporation quoted McQuatt as saying, and the rest will be saved.

The ticket was purchased at the Glen’s Independent downtown Yellowknife grocery store.

This is the third NWT lottery win announced by the Western Canada Lottery Corporation in recent weeks.

Fort Resolution’s Robert Sayine won $25,000 in February and Yellowknife resident Mabel Osmond won $10,000 in March.