More tourism restart funding offers operators up to $22,500

NWT tour operators are each eligible for up to $22,500 from a fresh round of funding designed to help the industry prepare for post-pandemic reopening.

This summer is the first in three years that many operators will welcome tourists from outside the territory. Some relied in part on government assistance to remain afloat through two years of Covid-19.

The latest round of funding involves $600,000 from the federal government and a $150,000 territorial contribution. In a news release, the governments said operators “must provide 10-percent equity and are eligible for a range of funding from $4,500 to $22,500.”


The funding is known as Trip, using the initials of its full name, the Tourism Restart Investment Program.

It covers marketing, recruitment and training, health and safety, and maintenance work.

“It is mandatory that the applicant identify and use NWT goods and services to support local employment and community economies,” the territorial government stated on the program’s website.

“Costs that cannot be committed locally or in the NWT must be clearly identified and explained in the application. Priority will be given to those applicants using NWT goods and services.”

The deadline for applications is July 4, 2022.